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As psychedelic medicines become increasingly integrated into our culture, we need to imagine creative and intentional spaces to safely experience these powerful tools. Accordingly, I spent two years designing several rooms as a proof of concept for what psychedelic assisted therapy could look like as more medicines become legally available to work with in a therapeutic setting in the coming years. I hope this project illustrates my commitment to this serious work, and also sparks the imagination of other therapists looking to join this growing field.

While Ketamine is the only medicine I work with at this timeas it is the only legal option for psychedelic assisted psychotherapyI wanted to be transparent about the types of experiences each room would be best suited for as others look to design creative spaces for intentional work with psychedelics in the near future.


Psychedelic Therapy Office

'The Listening Room'

This room distills the best and most practical features of The Psychedelic Studio Project into a single space. It can accommodate work with Ketamine, MDMA, and Psilocybin, which will all become increasingly common therapy tools in the coming years. This is where Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions are currently held, and I would love to work together in this intentional setting if this approach feels right for you!

Click HERE for a full, descriptive photo tour.



Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

'The Recliner Room'

A three-recliner set up accommodates clients who may want to sit up to speak or lay down to explore within, as well as an option to include a support person or co-therapist during the session. Dim, colored lights allow for a meditative atmosphere, and having beautiful objects to look at while the mind is sensitive can spark novel insights.

Click HERE for a full, descriptive photo tour.

Psilocybin Assisted Psychotherapy

'Enchanted Forest'

The versatility of this room offers low-level lighting so participants can connect deeply inside themselves, as well as natural light and colorful walls to generate a therapeutic sense of awe and wonder. These elements hopefully lend themselves to optimal outcomes with this medicine.

Click HERE for a full, descriptive photo tour.

MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy

'The Roundtable Room'

MDMA is a gentle molecule that lowers the mind's defenses and allows for remarkable connection to oneself and others. It's an impressive tool for PTSD, Couples Therapy, and deep processing of any kind. The experience of this subtle-yet-profound tool lends itself to a comfortable, lighthearted setting.

Click HERE for a full, descriptive photo tour.

LSD Assisted Psychotherapy

'Inner Space Room'

Of all the psychedelic medicines, LSD carries the most stigma based on culture-wide misinformation and outdated stereotypes. It's also the furthest from FDA approval as it has not been prioritized in clinical research due to it's lengthy duration and impracticality in a therapeutic setting. In the far-away future, however, an ideal environment for this powerful technology might include vibrant colors, an atmosphere with gently moving light sculptures, and thoughtful art to reflect upon.

Click HERE for a full, descriptive photo tour.

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

'Infinity Room'

Clinical research with psychedelic medicine has found that having a spiritual or mystical experience correlates with better long-term outcomes for mental health concerns. Accordingly, this room explores a semi-neutral, yet awe-inspiring setting to increase the likelihood of having such an encounter.


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Integration Support

'Outdoor Hammock Oasis'

Having community support while engaging in this transformative work can be invaluable, and this is a glimpse at what a comfortable group integration space could look like.

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Group Work

'Movable Group Space'

Group journeys with these medicines will be carried out more frequently by professionals and non-professionals in the coming years, and I wanted to demonstrate the power of adding a few candles, mats, and lights to transform an ordinary space into one that supports deep, internal processing. 

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Nature Assisted Therapy

'Sky Lounge'

Coordinating outdoor therapy sessions isn't always practical due to weather, but the power of connecting directly with nature during an encounter with non-ordinary consciousness should not be overlooked. 

Click HERE for a full, descriptive photo tour.

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