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Due to the demand for alternative therapies, I have narrowed my services to better meet the needs of our community. Below you'll find a list of the types of sessions we could engage in together, as well as some focus areas I'm most passionate about.

Some of the information here may bring about several questions, and I would love for us to set up a time to discuss! Meeting for a first session allows the necessary time to talk about what's bothering you, explore different tools that may be able to help, and clarify any confusion or curiosities that might be surfacing. 

Also, please note that I recommend all clients have a primary therapist for ongoing support as we engage in these specialized services together.

To set up an appointment, please complete THIS WAITLIST SURVEY, and I'll get back to you soon!


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If you have specific questions about your own circumstance, or would like more information on any of these specialties, I would love for us to set up a session together! I continue to devote countless hours towards learning about innovative paths for improved mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and my hope is that these efforts might offer valuable information as you consider your next steps.

Due to demands on time and the complexity of these techniques, I'm unable to verbally engage beyond session times or respond in depth to e-mails. Having a full session will allow enough time to discuss some of the specifics of your life and thoroughly answer any questions you may have without feeling rushed. I appreciate your understanding around this and hope we can meet soon to cover any ground that may be helpful!


As more of us hear about the benefits of Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapies, it's exciting to learn that there's a legal option, available now: Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy!

Since beginning to offer these sessions in 2021, in collaboration with medical providers, I have seen remarkable and efficient transformations in many clients with a wide range of presenting concerns.

It should be noted, however, that this is not a miracle cure or a quick fix. Sometimes it takes several sessions to see results, and even still, it doesn't work for everyone. Despite these limitations, however, the shifts I've seen with this approach far surpass anything I ever dreamed possible during many years as a talk therapist.

Which is why I'm so excited about it!

I understand that Psychedelic Assisted Therapy (which includes Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy) may seem weird or scary at first, but if it feels right for you, and if you are deemed psychiatrically and medically appropriate by a collaborating medical provider, I would love to embark on a journey together.


This technique can feel a little like having a low-grade psychedelic experience without taking any medicine. I think of it like a simple collaborative meditation experiment that allows for surprising insights, as well as deep processing of emotions, memories, and sensations that may be stored in the body. Brainspotting provides an excellent trial run before engaging in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, and it's a tool I strongly recommend for anyone pursuing any work with psychedelics.

Another reason I love this modality is that it highlights the wisdom in a common phrase in the psychedelic world, that 'you are the medicine.' When clients have powerful, firsthand experiences with this technique, it emphasizes a key point that our inner capacity to heal can be accessed to great effect without ingesting any chemical.


This is a powerful processing technique that can help with a wide range of things. If there's a stuck point in your life, such as a negative belief about yourself or a memory that won't get out of your head, this tool can be used to directly target that belief or memory.

EMDR is an effective approach that allows greater access to deep memories and associated body sensations that may have been causing unconscious irritation.

Much like Brainspotting, I also consider EMDR a 'psychedelic' technique. The word, 'psycehdelic,' actually means 'mind manifesting,' and that's what all of these techniques do: they bring up what's inside.

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After Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy or any intentional experience with a psychedelic medicine, it's important to reflect on whatever may have happened, explore what that might mean for you, and weave those insights into daily life to sustain lasting change.

While I cannot offer long-term integration support, and therefore recommend all clients work with a primary therapist, I would love to meet for a session or two after any experience with non-ordinary consciousness to process anything that might have come up!


If we've ever worked together in any capacity and you would like to set up a check in session, either to follow up on any of the work we've done previously or consult about anything going on for your now, let's set up a time!

While we can't engage in regular/ongoing therapy, I am always available to check in!

Setting up a follow up appointment months after any kind of intensive work with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, Brainspotting, EMDR, or any other psychedelic experience can also be valuable to explore what changes that may have occurred, as well as what obstacles may persist, and I would love to hear how things are going!

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Sometimes people talk about 'little t' and 'Big T' trauma, but I tend to think that being human is traumatic and all experiences have equal potential to wreak internal havoc. I have worked with clients trying to reconcile demons of all shapes and sizes. No experience is too dark or scary to bring up, and neither is it insignificant or invalid.

Many trauma experts have suggested that these past events resides more deeply than the parts of our brain associated with talking. This is one reason why talk therapy may not be effective for many people who are looking to process emotionally jarring experiences, and this is also why I exclusively specialize in tools that illuminate memories, emotions, insights, and sensations that may be difficult to access in conversation.

There are many different opinions about the word, 'trauma', and for those who may not resonate with that term, I also consider grief and loss to fall under the same umbrella, as sudden transitions can be tremendously challenging to make sense of.

If you are interested in processing any trauma, grief, or loss, I would love to meet to talk through various options we may be able to explore together to see if any of them resonate with you!


After witnessing the immense suffering of so many struggling with food, mood, trauma, and pain of all kinds in the eating disorder clinic where I worked, I felt an urgent need to research other forms of available healing. It wasn't long before I learned about the clinical literature supporting Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy, Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy, and others.

While Psychedelic Assisted Therapies are not without risks, should never be considered a silver bullet, and do not work for everyone, this avenue for therapeutic growth has helped many.

While I only offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, as it is the only legal opting for Psychedelic Assisted Therapies, I am always excited to discuss these emerging therapies!

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While these two conditions are nearly fundamental to humanity, experiencing either of these in an ongoing, severe way can be debilitating. I'd love to work with you to understand how either of these states impacts you and see what we can try that's different from what you've tried before.


Working on ourselves might be the most important thing we can do. Engaging in this process deeply enough will likely have a positive impact on many areas of our lives, including our relationships.


The techniques I offer can all be directed towards the disruptive patterns and subconscious material that may be standing in the way of more fulfilling connections with yourself, others, the world, and life as a whole.

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The human condition is hard! What I love about Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, as well as Brainspotting and EMDR, is that these tools are widely applicable for a tremendous range of concerns and goals. Using any of these tools for personal growth, reflection, insight, and processing of any kind can be just as valid – and equally rewarding – as turning to these tools as a last resort for mental health concerns.


What's the point? What does it all mean? Who am I? Have I wasted my life? Does anything matter? It can feel quite lonely to wrestle through confusions like these and get the sense that no one wants to talk about how to deal with being a person. While I may not have all the answers, I have searched far and wide on my own journey, and would love to accompany you on yours.

Psychedelic medicines have offered tremendous clarity around these questions in my own life, and have also been shown in clinical research to do the same for many others. While this approach may not be suitable for everyone, and also may not work for everyone, these powerful tools may be worth considering on your journey through life's complexity.


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I don't have any formal training in philosophy or spirituality, but I am a philosophically-minded information-absorber who has personally wrestled with and deeply explored a wide range of perspectives.


There's no topic too dark, weird, or complicated, and I would love to talk through any belief system or 'out there' questions you may be sorting through. No matter your background, I'm open to all points of view and will never impose my own beliefs onto you.


It's so obvious to me to embrace all sexual preferences and gender identities that I almost forget to mention it. If you're looking for an inclusive, understanding person to process any dilemmas you might have around gender or sexuality, or if your identity in the LGBTQ+ community exists as a background element of who you are as a multi-dimensional human, I'd love to work together! 

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IFS is both a therapy approach and a way of conceptualizing human psychology. It surrounds the idea that we all have 'parts' of ourselves and can offer an invaluable and compassionate perspective on why we do, feel, and say the things we say, feel, and do.


As this approach is highly recommended in the psychedelic therapy world, I am currently pursuing formal training through the IFS Institute (the most prestigious program for this) in order to formally offer this technique. Until then, I have completed an Advanced Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and IFS training course and read two clinical books on the subject. I hope to continue learning more about this tool to better address whatever might be happening inside. 


When we grow up, our experiences shape the way we see the world, others, and ourselves. Later, these impressions bias the way we interpret reality and leave us vulnerable to flying off the handle when we're reminded of the past. Taking the time to identify your schemas (a.k.a., the lenses you may be looking through) can be a powerful first step in loosening their grip.



I'm well-versed in a range of therapeutic techniques including CBT, ACT, DBT, solution focused, narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, play therapy (action figures aren't just for kids), and others. While these won't be the focus of our work, I may reference or incorporate these techniques if it makes sense.

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