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Several anonymous clients have volunteered to share their experience of working together and engaging in psychedelic medicine work. If you would like to contribute feedback, please send a quote or leave a review on Google or Facebook! More reviews can be found on Facebook!

Referring Clinician: Amber Claudon, LICSW, CEDS

As a therapist who has referred to Kenton for Ketamine Assisted Therapy: this work is incredible and life-changing for clients. The results that happen with this work are truly unmatched to other types of therapy.


I'm so grateful that he offers these services in Alabama and would gladly share a testimonial to any client or clinician looking to pursue deep therapy work with this approach.

Client Review: November 2022

Kenton’s approach is so unique and special because you will never been viewed or treated like a number or just another client. Your healing means so much to him and his tribe/family he is creating. His approach is personal, anything he offers, he offers from the heart, personal experience, and endless amount of training & education he immersed himself into so he can truly help people heal themselves. He studied and experienced the tools he offers himself. You are not an experiment, or another page out of a text book.

There are a lot of people doing incredible work through counseling and therapy, and it’s not that their work is "less than." I’m just trying to say that Kenton's work is truly personal, unique, notable, and so much more.

Client Review: October 2022

Kenton is a gifted clinician. He really thought of and covered everything regarding what to expect before, during, and after the experience. His attention and care for the details helped me to feel prepared, safe, and comfortable with the process. Overall, I thought that the brainspotting, the work with the medicine, and integration were all incredibly therapeutic.

Ketamine Therapy Review: July 2022

It’s almost hard to put into words how happy I am that I found Kenton Bartlett Counseling! He’s wonderful— from a calm, anxiety-reducing introduction to full support throughout the therapeutic journey. I felt completely respected and safe, and I got more out of my first ketamine assisted psychotherapy session than 7 years of talk therapy.

The whole experience was better than I could’ve imagined and very therapeutic. I was able to fully feel emotions I didn’t know I could and had more than adequate space and support to do so.

If you’re considering this, I would say it’s a wonderful way to potentially accelerate your work in therapy. I unearthed connections that had been buried for over a decade (and had not come up in 7 years of talk therapy). I would also encourage doing your research, journaling about your feelings surrounding psychedelics, and asking any and all questions you have (Kenton is a wonderful resource for that). It’s safe and, for me, was very effective.

Kenton is phenomenal. He cares about what he does and it makes a HUGE difference. If you’re nervous about it, all the more reason to TALK TO HIM!!!

Client Review: June 2022

Kenton is an incredible therapist who has shown tremendous commitment through the immense amount of work required to continually provide such high quality and specialized service to his clients, while still bringing humor, compassion, and practicality into sessions.

Ketamine Therapy Review: May 2022

'I’ve done a series of five ketamine sessions, and I can solidly say it’s the only thing that has truly helped my depression. This is my 9th treatment attempt (I was on 8 oral meds, on and off, for the past few years in collaboration with a psychiatrist), and the ketamine felt like a shot in the dark. But I feel like me again.

It’s been life changing.

The experiences themselves have been interesting, and really cool to see where my brain will and won’t let me go. A lot of thoughts have come up during the journeys that I can’t usually put into words, and I’ve been able to find a lot of relief and release the pressure in my head by speaking about these things in an environment where I feel completely safe. Journaling afterwards has also brought a lot of things to light and has helped me navigate how to deal with hard choices and intrusive thoughts.

Literally every single detail of this experience was therapeutic, and it couldn’t be set in a better atmosphere. Kenton creates an incredibly safe environment. He asks questions in a way that lets your brain go where it needs to go. He’s patient and kind and does whatever you need when you aren’t capable of doing it yourself (providing comfort items, writing down thoughts, and genuinely just taking care of his clients).

For anyone considering ketamine therapy, I’d say it’s worth a shot. My lasting experience of feeling less anxiety and handling depressive states in a vastly different way (while currently being off of regular oral meds) seems worth at least trying it.

It’s been worth every penny to me and has changed my life for the better.'

Ketamine Therapy Review: April 2022

‘Having Kenton serve as my guide for the Ketamine was invaluable to me. His level of attention to detail was amazing. Having experienced Ketamine previously in a sterile clinical setting, I had no idea of the importance of “set and setting.”

I have taken various antidepressants under the care of providers (psychiatrists, therapists) for over 40 years with waxing and waning results. Taking Ketamine in the appropriate environment gave me insights never achieved previously. That said, my experience is an unfolding process that requires ongoing work on my part. There are no panaceas, and I know everyone who is considering this kind of therapy is coming from a unique place.

During the session, Kenton made detailed notes of my comments, and I believe this will enable me to follow up in a meaningful, ongoing way with my therapist. He also provided the playlist from the session which will be valuable.

Overall, this was an awesome, awareness-expanding experience for me, which I would say was excellent. If others are considering Ketamine therapy, I would recommend using a therapist/guide who understands the Ketamine experience and offers care and compassion.’

Ketamine Therapy Review: April 2022

‘If I could only use one word to describe my ketamine experience, I’d say it was magic. The journey was a colorful, rich story of intense emotions, vivid access to memories, different perspectives on life and death, challenge, and peace.

Every detail of this whole process was therapeutic. The private and safe setting, the safe relationship with Kenton, and especially the music.

The best part of my ketamine journey was the ability to be able to take a break from existing within the confines of my physical body. As a person with extensive history of Anorexia Nervosa and trauma related to physical abuse, it is often difficult if not impossible for me to feel comfortable or even safe in my body. However, Kenton provides fully safe, private, and comfortable environment in conjunction with the medicine which allowed me to let go of my physical body for a while and travel through time, memory, color, emotion, etc. without the physical chains I often bear.

I experienced a deep sensation of pure hope for my life while listening to a particular meditation during the journey, which explored the idea that each of us has a fire within ourselves, and some people have only a pile of ashes left. In this meditation, I was given the opportunity to reach into my pile of ashes and retrieve an ember, representing hope and renewal of life.

This was a visceral experience.

I felt the ash in my hand, I wrapped my fingers around the ember. I watched myself fan the spark into a flame. I became overwhelmed with emotion and passion for change.

Another incredible part of my journey was seeing my life play out through the eyes of an outsider. I saw myself as a young child, as an old woman, as a teenager. I stepped foot into memories I had all but forgotten. I grieved the loss of my inner-child, I felt the wrinkled skin of myself as an ancient woman. It made me realize that my life is and has always been precious and beautiful. I can now look at myself with the love and kindness and compassion of a dear friend. I can now recognize the worth of my body, my life experiences, and my emotions. In those moments, I loved myself. I loved my body because I realized it was a divine extension of the universe. But more importantly, I fell in love with my spirit. I fell in love with the young girl who deserves so much more. I fell in love with the old woman who has endured so much and loved so fully. And now I can look in the mirror and love the girl I see looking back, who is worthy today and now. I no longer fear death, as I realize now that on the other side exists only pure love.

If anyone else is considering this type therapy, it is perfectly natural to have hesitation, worry, or fear around it. After all, it's most likely something you have never tried, or heard much about. I was also nervous even though I knew I wanted to do it. Kenton makes this experience different than most, as he allows for several one-on-one sessions of preparation and talking prior to the Ketamine session. He thoroughly explains the approach, process, and even evidenced-based information about the potential benefits. He gets to know you as a human, and explores any fears or hesitation you might have.

This entire process is fully consensual, and you are always in complete control of what happens. If at any time you need to say no, you can. If at any time you need help, Kenton is extremely proactive and quick to resolve anything that comes up. You get to decide the pace. Before my Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy with Kenton, I was at a point in my life where I believed I had reached a dead end. I believed there was no hope for my future. I was depressed despite all sorts of medications and therapy. This ketamine therapy changed my entire outlook and worldview. I fully believe that there is hope for me.

If you are considering psychedelic therapy, I would fully recommend Kenton above anyone else. He is passionate, gentle, kind, respectful, highly experienced, and knowledgeable. I am someone who can historically not trust men, but I would trust Kenton with my life.

Kenton is the best therapist I have ever had (and I have had so many). He embraces quirkiness. He is sensitive and professional, without being boring. He is anything but boring! In a session with Kenton, you can expect humor as well as deep questions. He helps you ponder life from a new angle. I have had multiple flashbacks and panic attacks in his presence whilst exploring some challenging topics, and he is extremely safe and trauma-informed. He knows how to ground you and keep you safe. He is not afraid of your pain. If there was a choice between him and someone else, I would beg you to choose Kenton.’

Ketamine Therapy Review: March 2022

'It exceeded expectations, though I confess, I didn’t know what exactly to expect.

I'm at a loss for words, actually. I would say it was a game changer, but that cheapens it. It was a spiritual experience. It was a therapy experience. It was a brain break. It was a pause... a beautiful, significant, blissful pause from the madness of life and my brain. I’ve been on meds for years, and will continue to take them for now, but I’ve never felt that sense of relief nor that in touch with the hard things. Such a crazy, beautiful juxtaposition.

The most helpful part of this therapy was being able to talk about things I would otherwise have had a very difficult time sharing/talking about. Whereas if those same things had come up in real life or in therapy, I would have shared them but then dissociated and/or shut down. This did not occur at any time during my ketamine sessions.

The therapeutic part of this had to do with the "psychedelic visions" and voicing them and processing them throughout the session, when appropriate. It was the guidance when stuff came up that was not pushy but also didn’t ignore what was said. It was all about the balance, but it wasn't something that was striven for; rather, it just naturally occurred. The environment was very therapeutic and set the "stage" for what was to come. Calling it a stage cheapens the experience, but I don't know what to call it. It was an immersive experience in every sense, which isn't something you get in traditional therapy.

If what you are doing now is working for you... well, you should still try ketamine therapy, because this is way better. But if what you’re doing isn’t working and you’re searching for the answer, you won't necessarily find it, but it seems possible to touch it, or catch glimpses with this.

I have been trying to uncover shit for YEARS (a couple decades actually!) and parts of what I was looking for came out… yet only as much as I could handle. A strong emphasis is placed on your “inner healing intelligence” and I found this philosophy to be true— I was worried that all my trauma was going to hit me at once, but more than you can handle isn’t going to come up during the session. It's not really a thing. I realize this response is all over the map, but I’m trying to stay that it was an excellent experience overall. Also, it's not a one-and-done kind of thing. After the session, you work on integrating what happened. Playlists with meditations and music are provided, as well as copious notes from the session. I used these to integrate/process the experience and solidify what took place. You should do it.

Kenton is a very cool dude who is great therapist and guide. He is thoroughly knowledgeable and researched, and you can tell a lot of thought and planning went in to making this experience what it was. Which was truly beautiful, if I haven't said that.'

Ketamine Therapy Review: February 2022

'I entered this therapy yesterday and it was super insightful and healing. Kenton is an amazing therapist, guide, and fellow traveler. If you have treatment resistant depression or trauma, there is hope in this new form of treatment.'

Ketamine Therapy Review: January 2022

'I did a week of psychedelic integration with Kenton. It was one of the most healing experiences I’ve had. Kenton creates such a warm, safe emotional and physical space that is essential to healing. He puts a lot of thought into every detail in “set and setting” which put me even more at ease for this process. He’s your guide, therapist, cheerleader and fellow human all at the same time.


I am so thankful for Kenton and this experience!'

Ketamine Therapy Review: January 2022

'If I could only use one word to describe the whole ketamine therapy experience, I’d have to say it was life changing. My experience was extremely challenging, but the benefit from it made it completely worth it, by far.

Being able to go deeper into my trauma was the best part for me. I generally cut things off before difficult memories get too strong, and this enabled me to face what really happened and accept things.

If anyone is on the fence about Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, I'd want to say just do it! You can't lose. Kenton has a great amount of knowledge about ketamine and can answer all your questions. He is extremely supportive, compassionate, and non-judgmental. The lights, music, and most importantly, Kenton's support while I was going through these painful memories, was the most therapeutic part for me.'

Ketamine Therapy Review: January 2022

‘I can’t really put into words how this experience was for me. All I can think to describe it as is hopeful, a sigh of relief, and insightful/thought provoking. I’m usually a very rigid and frantic/rushed human, and this session offered me the possibility of allowing my inner self to talk and heal without the constant pressure and panic of worldly obligations, responsibilities, pressures, or judgment.

The most therapeutic aspect of this experience for me was just the complete and total feeling of utter freedom and permission to do and say how I feel. I felt safe the entire time, and the all-encompassing experience of non-judgment allowed me to not feel so on edge and in trouble for speaking my inner thoughts.

I know new things can feel scary and overwhelming, but if you’re considering ketamine therapy, I want you to know that there is hope for people like me who feel so completely defeated and hopeless in life at times. I never used to be able to reach that perspective. This approach is worth reading about, learning, and investing time into, and I would 100% recommend Kenton as a therapist! If I had to summarize my experience in a single word, I would say “hope.”’

Ketamine Therapy Review: January 2022

'Ketamine or any psychedelic medicine is only a tool. It takes professionalism and a solid planned approach to yield the best results. My own experience was professional, personal, and welcoming. And insightful. I felt safe and secure the entire time. Having someone who is knowledgeable and prepared makes the experience beneficial and worthwhile. And the atmosphere is paramount. I feel like a lot of time and thought went into making sure the client feels at home and safe.

Kenton is a fantastic communicator with a unique approach to establish trust and commitment. He offers empathy and guidance in a professional yet personal way.

If I could tell a friend or stranger about Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy or the psychedelic therapy approach, I would say that it's a legitimate approach for wellness, and also that it's only a tool. It takes professionalism and a solid planned approach to yield the best results. I would recommend seeking out professional guidance and trusting the process.'

Ketamine Integration Review: November 2021

I recently received IV Ketamine therapy and couldn’t recommend someone more highly to walk through this journey with than Kenton. He is SO knowledgeable and continues to educate himself as more and more information becomes available in order to give you the very best and up to date treatment. He is so kind, intentional, professional (in a good way, not the uptight kind of way), and very easy to work with. Plus his intake questionnaire is quite entertaining. Long, but entertaining.

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I have nothing but good things to say about Kenton. Working with him has had such a positive impact on my life and has really helped me to grow as a person. Kenton is full of compassion, patience, and kindness. He creates a safe, non-judgemental space for his clients to open up in and it's clear that he genuinely cares about the people he works with.


With his unique approach, he encouraged me to challenge my anxieties, negative beliefs, and outlook on life, as well as helped me to develop life skills and a greater sense of self-efficacy and self-worth. I would not be where I am today without the work we did, and I am continually grateful to have had the chance to work with him.


Kenton was one of the best therapists I’ve had the pleasure to work with. And when I say pleasure, that’s what I mean. I actually looked forward to our sessions together. He is very unique in his approach (in a good way). We broke ground by discussing our favorite movies, favorite music/bands, and fun life facts, all of which helped me to feel much more comfortable going forward in therapy. He’s a cool human being and one heck of a therapist. He has lots of approaches to working with clients, and he meets you exactly where you need to be met. I never felt pressured to talk about, or work through, anything before I was ready. He was sensitive to my needs and was very supportive.


I know some people have hesitations about male therapists, but let me tell you, I would highly recommend Kenton hands down to anyone I know. He just has a way to make you feel comfortable, cared for, and supported in your healing journey. I truly felt safe to feel my emotions in their entirety with Kenton. He has no judgment to absolute anything you tell him. He simply works to help you understand what’s troubling you and holding you back from living your best possible life. Kenton is literally awesome and I’m so lucky he was there to help me in my healing process.

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I'm a trans woman from Philadelphia and worked with Kenton at a treatment center. It was my first time in both Alabama and receiving treatment for an eating disorder. I was incredibly nervous about the entire situation, but with Kenton's help, it didn't take long until I felt safe. His presence allowed me to be truthful about my history, current beliefs, and goals. I was involved in many groups and sessions during my stay, but it was my time with Kenton that I found most healing.


He draws on a wealth of knowledge about the world, but also on his own experiences. The combination of these two things allows him to be one of the most empathetic and compassionate therapists I've worked with. In our conversations he not only listened to what I was saying, but it felt like he took everything I said as important no matter how minute of a detail. I would highly recommend Kenton for folks in the LGBTQ+ community.


While Kenton was not my primary therapist during the course of my eating disorder treatment, I had the opportunity to work with him quite often. I could not say one bad thing about him. He’s such a smart, kind-hearted, empathetic, and compassionate therapist, and not to mention, just a well-rounded and awesome individual.


There were times when I just needed to chat with someone about things that were troubling me. Our conversations weren’t just about what was distressing me in the moment, but also how these troubles connected with core beliefs about myself and the world around me. We connected my healing with some of my favorite things in this world: art, music, and writing. I am confident that if you’re looking for a down-to-earth therapist, who cares not only about your overall well-being, but will walk with you in your journey to becoming the best version of yourself, Kenton’s your person.

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Kenton is one of the best therapists I've ever had. I worked with him at a particularly hard part of my life, and not only did he listen and respond with empathy and compassion, he showed a remarkable talent to engage with me on my terms while still pushing me to grow. He also showed a crazy amount of willingness to work with me on creative solutions to my problems. For example, by giving book and film recommendations (he has great taste!), letter writing, and other forms of self expression that were not limited to traditional talk models. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration that Kenton helped me help myself to find the tools and abilities that have enabled me to succeed in ways I never thought possible.  


Kenton was my therapist during one of the worst times of my life, and I didn’t believe it was possible for any breakthrough. The environment was safe with him, and he took interest in me as a human, not just the darkness I was battling. I was able to open up with him and share things I thought I’d take to my grave.

He was accepting, patient, and thoughtful. He related when he could and was informed about women's issues, which I appreciated as a woman who had never seen a male therapist. He’s genuinely a kind and quirky person who is eager to help people improve their mental health.

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Kenton is a great therapist and person!

His non-traditional therapeutic approach is helpful and refreshing. He helped me gain new perspectives and held space for me and my feelings. 10/10 would recommend.


I became acquainted with Kenton in Oct 2020. A year later became a client by Zoom since we live a considerable distance away. Prior to beginning sessions with Kenton I used another therapist and felt standard talk therapy was not productive. After a couple of sessions with Kenton he suggested the Brainspotting technique. Although I was willing to try it my husband was very skeptical. But now after several sessions of Brainspotting (even by zoom) we have been able to work thru past traumas and have seen significant reduction in depression and anxiety. My husband has also seen the improvement and recognizes the benefits of weekly Brainspotting Zoom sessions to minimize travel. I HIGHLY recommend Kenton. When I started therapy I was always so anxious before sessions, but his calm demeanor is very comforting and has made me willing to do the deeper work.

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